May 16, 2020

1.Academic ActivitiesThe school has always enjoyed uninterrupted academic activities because of vibrant internal mechanism adopted by the school irrespective of social or environmental obstructions that face schools. Scheme of work for each term is always covered and thoroughly followed by the teaching staff.

2.Extra Curricular Activities-

a)Sporting Activities are done every Friday of each week within the term. All students are allowed to partake in different sports according to their age or class.

The school relay team represents the school in all invited inter-house sports competitions while the school has her own inter-house sports events at interval of years.

b)Excursion-We also engage in excursion. Excursion is seen as a way of exposing students to the practical aspect of what they learn in the classroom.

3.Culture Day-A day in a term is always set aside as the culture day where students are grouped to dress in different ethnic groups in Nigeria and indeed Africa and portray all what they stand for.

4.Clubs/Societies Activities-This is done every Friday of a week in the term.The students are grouped into the following groups,have regular meetings and learn more of their respective groups. The clubs/societies are:

a.Jets                                                        d. Boys Scouts and Girls guide

b.Red cross                                              e. Literary and Debate

c.Drama                                              f. Press

  1. 5. Spelling Bees– This is done every Wednesday during Assembly period where students compete among themselves to spell words which are prepared by the teachers. This encourages reading and improve the students vocabulary bank.
  2. Entrepreneurship Day- This is a day set aside to bring the students together to learn practically how to make or produce a certain product like liquidsoap,gum,mendingshoes,making mat with local materials,makingfootmats etc.

7.Reading Culture- This is one of the ways the school is inculcating the habit of reading into the students.This involves a lot of competitions among the  students to produce the  bestreaders,fluency and accuracy in reading.

  1. End of Session Activities/Graduation Ceremony- A day is set aside at the end of the school session where all pupils in the school are gathered to mark and celebrate the successful end of a session and also say goodbye to the graduating students in SSS3. This event is always colourful,entertaining and also educating. All students are always happy and look forward for a day like this.
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